Shime Daiko

Shime daiko are small high pitched drums with heads sewn onto hand forged steel rings and tightened onto the body with rope. The heads are approximately 14.5 inches in diameter and are made in different thickness. The thicker and heavier skins can be pulled tighter and to a higher pitch.

The skins for the heads are hand processed from fresh hides in our shop and have excellent resilience and tone. Bodies are made from staves tightly fitted and glued, then turned smooth on a lathe to exact dimensions both inside and out. The finish on the body is a deep penetrating stain with a tough tung oil finish on top. Standard rope is a fine quality, long wearing marine nylon.

Shime daiko are named for the thickness of the skin from the lightest #1 (Namizuke), to #5, the thickest and heaviest. #3, which can be played with most styles of taiko, is the most popular and versatile size.

Size Height of Body
Ring Thickness
Rope Diameter
Complete Drum Replacement Head 
(one only)
#1 6.25 3/8 3/8 $1000 $400
#2 6.25 7/16 3/8 $1000 $440
#3 6.75 1//2 1/2 $1000 $480
#4 7.25 9/16 1/2 $1500 $560
#5 7.25 5/8 1/2 $1700 $700

Bodies and heads can be made to any specifications. Please call for quote on a special order.

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